Yukon Liberals outline mental health, justice priorities

WHITEHORSE – Liberal leader Sandy Silver and Mountainview candidate Jeanie Dendys outlined the Yukon Liberals plan to improve mental health services and improve our justice and health care systems today.  The Liberal platform includes a commitment to refocus the implementation of the Yukon Mental Wellness Strategy and include comprehensive after care services in Yukon communities.

“Improving mental health services has been priority for me since the day I was elected,” Silver said.  “It is probably the issue raised most frequently with me, particularly in rural Yukon.”

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Providing Vision for Yukon’s professional civil service

WHITEHORSE – Yukon’s public servants need vision and leadership to deliver high-quality programs and service to citizens.  Yukon Liberals will provide that.

“We will not set the public service up to fail,” said Richard Mostyn, Yukon Liberals’ Whitehorse West candidate. “We will provide the vision, direction, tools and resources to get the job done. We will ask the public service for their best advice and fully consider it when making decisions for the benefit of all Yukoners, not just a privileged few.”

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Yukon Liberals will maintain moratorium on Whitehorse Trough oil and gas development

WHITEHORSE – Copperbelt South candidate Jocelyn Curteanu, confirmed today the Yukon Liberals will extend the moratorium on any oil and gas development in the Whitehorse Trough indefinitely.

“Yukon Liberals understand there is little public support for opening the Whitehorse Trough to oil and gas exploration,” said Curteanu.  “We respect that and will continue the moratorium that is currently in place throughout our term as government.”

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Working Together - Sandy Silver & the Yukon Liberals

Yukon Liberals to establish National Aboriginal Day as a Yukon Statutory Holiday

TESLIN – The Yukon Liberals will establish National Aboriginal Day as a Yukon Statutory Holiday, says Carl Sidney, Liberal candidate for Pelly–Nisutlin.

National Aboriginal Day, celebrated on June 21 of each year, celebrates the diversity and strength of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples, their cultures, and traditions. 

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