Tracy McPhee has become the Yukon Liberals candidate in Riverdale South

WHITEHORSE – Tracy McPhee has been acclaimed as Yukon Liberals candidate in the Riverdale South riding on August 3, 2016.  Tracy and her family live in the riding and she has decided to expand her long career in public service by seeking election to the Yukon Legislative Assembly in this year’s territorial election.

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Jeanie Dendys acclaimed in Mountainview

WHITEHORSE – Jeanie Dendys has been acclaimed in Mountainview and will be the Yukon Liberal candidate in the riding. The other contender for the nomination, Mike Gladish, withdrew from the nomination process prior to the nomination meeting that took place on August 2, 2016 at Mt McIntyre Rec Centre. Both Dendys and Gladish were active in recruiting members to the Yukon Liberal party, with a combined total of more than 250 people signed up to support their candidacy.

Mike Gladish said: “In the spirit of party unity, I decided that a contested nomination in Mountainview was not in the best interests of the residents of the riding or the prospects of the party. I spoke to Jeanie Dendys about my decision, and she was gracious in accepting my support.” 

Jeanie Dendys said: “I am grateful for the strong support received from Mike Gladish and the many constituents engaged in the nomination process. People want change and a renewal of the Yukon Government way of doing business. I look forward to working with Mike Gladish and my other Liberal colleagues and supporters to win the election and be part of building a new government capable of harnessing innovation to create opportunities for all Yukon people.” 

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Curteanu wins contested nomination for Yukon Liberals’ candidacy in Copperbelt South

WHITEHORSE - Jocelyn Curteanu has successfully been nominated as the Yukon Liberals’ candidate in the riding of Copperbelt South on July 28, 2016.  183 ballots were cast at the Pioneer RV Park & Campground, seeing Curteanu win the majority after a nomination contest with Rose Sellars.  More than 200 people took out memberships with the Yukon Liberals to participate in the vote.

“When I asked our constituents about concerns specific to our riding, people were generally content with life in Copperbelt South.  The most comments and criticisms were generated by Yukon-wide issues.  Anxieties over our economy, environment, healthcare and education system were loud and clear,” says Curteanu.

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Paolo Gallina is acclaimed in Porter Creek Centre

WHITEHORSE – Paolo Gallina was acclaimed as the Yukon Liberals’ candidate in the Porter Creek Centre riding on Tuesday, July 26, 2016.   More than fifty people took out memberships with the Yukon Liberals to participate in the nomination meeting.

“Over the past month, I’ve been canvassing the riding to understand what’s important to people and their families,” said Gallina. “I’m grateful to have had such open and honest dialogue. Prevalent in my conversations were the number of unresolved constituent issues. People are tired of waiting for answers and being passed along; they want resolutions to their concerns in a timely manner and they would like to see the government take better action on their behalf.”

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Statement by Klondike MLA Sandy Silver on changes to recycling fees announced on May 12, 2016

“Given the considerable concerns raised by the business community and the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce, I am urging the Government of Yukon to delay the implementation of changes to both the Beverage Container Regulation, as well as the Designated Material Regulation.  While we support the goal of the regulations and the concept of extended producer responsibility we want to see a more equitable system, one that is in line with other jurisdictions.  

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