Investing in a sustainable future for the Yukon

A re-elected Yukon Liberal government will implement Our Clean Future, the Yukon’s climate change, energy and green economy strategy.  The strategy was developed in partnership with Yukon First Nations, municipalities and transboundary Indigenous groups. It identifies 131 actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, increase renewable energy capacity, adapt to climate change and create economic opportunities for Yukon companies to be part of the green economy.

A Yukon Liberal government will spend $50 million this year alone to support the Yukon’s green economy.

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Respectful, strong partnerships with First Nations are the foundation of a positive future

The Yukon Liberal Party believes in the value of genuine dialogue. We have seen it work and are committed to continuing to govern in partnership with Yukon First Nations, generating benefits and positive outcomes for all Yukoners.

In 2016, relationships with Yukon First Nations were strained, to say the least. Trust was lost and relationships were worn thin by broken promises and multiple lawsuits. The Liberal government made a commitment to do better, and to work in collaboration with First Nation governments. We delivered on this commitment and believe it needs to continue, because there are so many opportunities on the horizon.

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Yukon Liberal Party remains committed to supportive education for everyone

The Yukon Liberal Party understands that the territory’s education system needs to be meaningful and responsive to the needs of students and educators. Staff and educators currently working in this system are incredibly dedicated to their students. The Liberal team appreciates these individuals and wants to continue to support them by enhancing a solid system focused on helping students and empowering educators to do their work.

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Mining, economic diversification and innovation elevates all Yukoners

The Yukon Liberal Party is committed to continuing to foster a strong and diverse economy while also supporting existing industries.

Yukon’s economy is strong, even while tackling a global pandemic. This is not by coincidence; it is due to the resilient Yukon business community and in large part to the Yukon Liberal team’s ongoing efforts in diversification, innovation and recognizing mining as an essential service. Since 2016, Yukon has seen economic growth every year, our unemployment has frequently been the lowest in the country, and retail sales have increased significantly.

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Yukon Liberals remain committed to addressing the Climate Crisis

“Climate change is one of the most important issues facing our world today and the Yukon is front and centre when it comes to the impacts of a changing climate. Our Liberal team is committed to continuing our work to mitigate and adapt to climate change. These are also concrete steps to protect the Yukon’s environment.”

- Paolo Gallina, Yukon Liberal Candidate for Porter Creek Centre

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