Bolstering sport and recreation opportunities for a healthier, more competitive Yukon

A re-elected Liberal government will focus on a new, flexible fieldhouse, exploring a varsity sports program and continuing to advance our bid to host the Canada Winter Games in 2027.

Sport and recreation serve a fundamental and gratifying purpose in not only keeping Yukoners physically active but in also promoting resilient mental health. If re-elected, the Yukon Liberals will carry on with actions to promote healthy lifestyles and support Yukon athletes as well as other passionate recreational sports enthusiasts.

We commit to:

  • Partnering with the private sector to develop a flexible, modern fieldhouse complex for athletics as well as large public conferences and events.
  • Working diligently with Yukon University to investigate the possibility of a varsity sports program.
  • Continuing the process of submitting a bid to host the 60th anniversary of the Canada Winter Games in 2027, which we began with the Canada Games Council in January 2021. This pivotal event will allow us to share our culture, our community and our courage with the rest of Canada.

These are all far-reaching endeavours that will enhance Yukon’s unique identity in the sport and recreation realm as well as enrich the territory’s economy from within.

“Building a new fieldhouse goes hand-in-hand with our aim to continue the bidding process to host the Canada Winter Games in 2027. This facility would add much-needed sporting space and also encourage more public access to various recreational options year-round. Overall, this contributes to a healthier and more competitive Yukon.”

- Ranj Pillai, Liberal candidate for Porter Creek South 

“Our passion for sport and recreation is a driving force I feel personally, as a recreation director and a lifelong coach. A varsity sports program is extremely exciting and desirable, as it will give our talented youth an opportunity to stay here in the Yukon and compete at a high level. We look forward to the idea of exploring specific sports for the program. Basketball, for one, would be a great option.”

- Jeremy Harper, Liberal candidate for Mayo-Tatchun

Sport and recreation is not a new priority for the Yukon Liberals. The Liberal government supported the stunning track and field complex at F.H. Collins Secondary School in Whitehorse, completed just last September. This facility offers world-class recreation experiences to schools and the broader athletic community, and creates exciting future opportunities for residents, visitors and the next generation of Yukon athletes.

Additionally, the Liberal government provided more than $1.6 million in funding to territorial sport and recreation groups last year and also distributed $1.7 million to support local not-for-profit sport and recreation organizations affected by COVID-19.

Now, more than ever, we can all appreciate how sport and recreation brings us together, builds inclusivity and fosters innovative collaboration. The Yukon Liberal Party believes in the power of community wellness and connection through sport and recreation, and we are committed to moving forward to further showcase this.