Whitehorse: Yukon Liberal Party members voted to hold a leadership race in 2014, at their annual general meeting in Whitehorse this past Wednesday.  The party’s executive will now arrange for the holding of a Leadership Convention to be held not later than six months following Wednesday’s meeting, per the party’s constitution.

“Given the time remaining until the next general election delegates enthusiastically endorsed the proposal to move to a permanent leader,” said Liberal spokesperson Jason Cunning.  “I expect a permanent leader will be in place this spring.”

Delegates at the AGM also agreed to allow for electronic voting to occur at the upcoming Leadership Convention and to allow memberships to run for a calendar year from purchase instead of expiring on December 31st of each year.

“The goal is to allow as many members as possible to participate in the leadership process,” said Cunning.  “This change will also allow more participation from rural Yukon.”

The party also selected Riverdale resident Devin Bailey as the new President of the Executive.   

Delegates attending the AGM were informed the party is continuing to build towards the next election by engaging members, developing policy and fundraising.  The party’s policy forum was held in November.

“We held two large, successful fundraisers this year, our annual golf tournament and a Fall Fundraiser,” said outgoing Treasurer Brad Weston.  “We are looking forward to a couple of big events in 2014.” 

Klondike MLA Sandy Silver has declared his intention to seek the leadership of the party.


Contact: Jason Cunning 393-2847