Alan Young is the Liberal candidate for Lake Laberge

WHITEHORSE – Alan Young has been acclaimed as the Yukon Liberal candidate for Lake Laberge.

"I am excited to let my name stand for the Yukon Liberals. I am proud to be part of a fantastic team of candidates led by Sandy Silver," said Young.

Young has lived and done business in the territory for over 17 years and his passion for Yukon is stronger than ever.  He is excited by the reality of participating as part of the Yukon Liberals team, representing Lake Laberge, and thrilled with the opportunity to contribute positively to his community. Young is the owner/operator of several Yukon-based business that he describes as ‘family-driven’. His son, Logan, and daughter, Jessie, are both involved with Midnight Sun Outfitting.  Midnight Sun Ranching and Northsky Aviation are businesses that Young has started and grown locally in addition to his big game hunting company.

The enthusiasm and ambition of the people involved with the Yukon Liberals was a huge motivator for him, but the constituents have spoken loud and clear about what they expect.  “I have knocked on many doors in Lake Laberge and people are looking for positive change,” said Young. “Good ideas come from all Yukoners and I look forward to hearing from many over the next number of months.”

Liberal Leader Sandy Silver is enthusiastic about the addition and explained, “Alan is a great representative of the Lake Laberge constituency. His influence is much farther reaching than just in his riding, he has had involvement with the outfitting sector all over Yukon, and he is very well known in a number of communities. We look forward to his perspective and experience on our team.”

The next Yukon Liberals nomination is scheduled for the riding of Watson Lake on May 14th.  Ernie Jamieson is the seeking the nomination in that riding and is currently uncontested. Nominations remain open until May 12th, 2016


For more information call:

Alan Young (867) 336-0464

Laura Cabott (867) 332-3100