Yukon Liberal Party is now accepting candidates for 2022 leadership race

November 23, 2022

Yukon Liberal Party is now accepting candidates for 2022 leadership race.

The Yukon Liberal Party has announced candidate packages are now available
for people interested in becoming a candidate for party leader.

The candidate selected as leader by party members will become the Yukon’s next Premier.
Potential candidates are invited to contact the Yukon Liberal Party to request a package. Rules for
candidates in the 2022 leadership race are available online at www.ylp.ca.

“We expect a number of highly competent Yukoners to put their names forward for this
position. We also expect a lot of Yukoners will want to have a say in who leads the Yukon
Liberal Party into this next chapter. I encourage all of those interested in getting involved to
contact the party and renew or purchase their membership now to ensure they will be eligible
to vote at the upcoming convention,” said Paolo Gallina, Yukon Liberal Party spokesperson.

To receive a candidate package and be considered for candidacy, individuals must be a Yukon
resident who is at least 18 years old and a member of the Yukon Liberal Party. All candidates
are required to complete and submit an information package prior to being accepted as an
official candidate.

All Yukon Liberal Party members are eligible to vote in the upcoming leader’s convention. Proxy
voting options will be available for Yukoners who are not able to attend. To purchase your party
membership, visit www.ylp.ca.

The date of the leadership convention will be set in the coming weeks. Individuals interested in
learning more about the Yukon Liberal Party’s leadership convention are encouraged to attend
the upcoming Leader’s Dinner on November 25. Tickets are available at www.ylp.ca.

The Yukon’s current Premier and Liberal Party Leader Sandy Silver announced he will not be
seeking a fourth term as the MLA for Klondike and will step aside as leader once a new leader
has been selected by membership

Paolo Gallina, Yukon Liberal Party spokesperson
[email protected]