Curteanu wins contested nomination for Yukon Liberals’ candidacy in Copperbelt South

WHITEHORSE - Jocelyn Curteanu has successfully been nominated as the Yukon Liberals’ candidate in the riding of Copperbelt South on July 28, 2016.  183 ballots were cast at the Pioneer RV Park & Campground, seeing Curteanu win the majority after a nomination contest with Rose Sellars.  More than 200 people took out memberships with the Yukon Liberals to participate in the vote.

“When I asked our constituents about concerns specific to our riding, people were generally content with life in Copperbelt South.  The most comments and criticisms were generated by Yukon-wide issues.  Anxieties over our economy, environment, healthcare and education system were loud and clear,” says Curteanu.

Initially elected in 2012, Curteanu is serving her second term on Whitehorse City Council and is a proud resident of the Cowley Creek subdivision. Along with her role as Councillor, she is a longstanding employee of the Government of Canada with 14 years’ experience at the Canada Revenue Agency and five years at the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency. Curteanu has been a dedicated community leader, known for her advocacy work promoting social justice through her involvement with community groups such as the Whitehorse Regional Women's Committee, PSAC's Racially Visible Committee, and championing the establishment of the City of Whitehorse's Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination (CCMARD) Advisory Committee.

“The Yukon Liberal Party represents balance. It believes in building bridges, not barriers.  It strives to epitomize open government where accountability and transparency are not just "buzz" words but are actually put into practice," stated Curteanu.

Curteanu highlighted the diversity of the Copperbelt South riding, which includes homes, businesses, industry, recreation, and natural landscapes, and serves as a gateway to our capital city.  She concluded that issues that matter to the constituency are wide ranging and vital to Yukon, and it’s a location that needs an MLA who understands the dynamics, complexities and potential of the area. Curteanu said she looks forward to becoming a part of a responsive, responsible and accountable government.

“Over the last several years as a City Councellor, Jocelyn has proven herself as a conscientious and powerful voice for the people that she serves,” says Leader, Sandy Silver. “We are excited to have her on the team and I am looking forward to working with Jocelyn.”


For more information please contact:

Marius Curteanu

(867) 333-3434