Whitehorse:  The wide-scale shuffle of deputy minister’s is a sure sign of a government lacking direction and unwilling to act decisively with employees it is not satisfied with, says Klondike MLA Sandy Silver.

“Today’s announcement is a major upheaval for senior management and public servants that could have been avoided if the government had simply admitted it was unhappy with the work of one its deputy ministers and let them go,” said Silver.  “Instead the government decided to shuffle the problem around and set off a domino effect that ended up seeing half of senior management moved into new roles.”

Silver questioned the Premier’s contention that today’s changes ‘maintain stability and continuity.’

“When you uproot your entire senior management team it is hardly providing stability and continuity.  In fact, it is introducing a great deal of uncertainty and change at the highest level of the public service, neither of which is a good thing in large doses.”

Silver also called on Premier Pasloski to make copies of the new mandate letters to deputy ministers available to the public.


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