Whitehorse: The Yukon Party government has everything it needs to proceed with drafting whistle-blower legislation, says interim Liberal Leader Darius Elias.  Given the political commitment made by the Minister responsible for the Public Service Commission, Elias is hopeful a bill will soon see the light of day.

“The Liberal Caucus has long supported bringing forward whistle-blower legislation and I want to encourage the Yukon Party to demonstrate its commitment by introducing legislation for the Legislative Assembly to consider,” he said.  “It would appear all parties in the chamber are now on record with their support for this type of legislation so there is no need for further delay.”

During debate in the legislature Minister Taylor said ‘We are committed to whistle-blower protection.’

“The Yukon Party has always been the holdup when is comes to moving forward with this type of legislation, even going so far as to block a bill that the Liberal Caucus brought forward for debate in the last session of the Legislative Assembly,” Elias said.  “I’m pleased the Yukon Party has signaled its intention to drop its opposition and is now ready to proceed.”

Elias also responded to a letter recently sent by Premier Pasloski asking the Liberal Caucus to participate in a new Select Committee to examine whistle-blower legislation.

“We will not be appointing a member to this committee as we don’t see the need for the committee,” he said.  “All that is required now is political will on the part of the government.  It has recommendations in hand that tell it how to proceed.”


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