Whitehorse:  The construction bids on the proposed F.H. Collins school are alarming, says Interim Liberal Leader Sandy Silver.  Documents posted on the Department of Highways and Public Works website yesterday show the low bid for the new F.H. Collins project is more than $9 million over what the government has set aside for construction.

"After pulling the project back for a year to get a better handle on planning and costs we see bids coming in at $9 million over what the government has budgeted,” Silver commented.  “It begs the question what exactly has the government been doing to get a better handle on this project since the delay was announced.”

“The amended construction schedule provides the Yukon government adequate time to review the final design and ensures fiscal responsibility by minimizing financial risks. It will also provide the potential to incorporate geothermal heating into the initial design and construction phase.” Government of Yukon News Release December 5, 2011

The news of more cost overruns from the Pasloski/Cathers government comes on the heels of a report from the Auditor General of Canada that warns of the dangers of poor planning and risk management.

“It’s completely unacceptable to see the same mistakes being repeated, particularly after the delay in the project, which was supposed to prevent this school from going down the same road as other over budget Yukon Party government adventures,” said Silver.  “It certainly leaves the public questioning the financial planning abilities of the government.”

Silver says he is open to several options to get the project down to a more reasonable number, including delaying the project, redesigning it and considering a new location.

“There are lessons to be learned from the auditor’s report,” he said.  “It will be very interesting to see what the Minister’s next move is.”


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