Facilitate Yukon Business

Yukon businesses create jobs. With lower taxes, employers can invest in marketing, training, and innovation to create more good jobs for Yukoners. With fair procurement processes, Yukon businesses can compete and grow. With more Yukon government spending staying in the territory, all Yukoners benefit.

A Yukon Liberal government will:

  • eliminate the small business tax;
  • reduce the corporate tax rate to 12% from 15%;
  • increase the ceiling for the Yukon Small Business Investment Tax Credit from $1 million to $5 million and increase the asset limit to allow larger companies to qualify;
  • fast track the implementation of the recommendations of the Procurement Advisory Panel Report (i.e. within two years);
  • collaborate with major industry including mines and large infrastructure projects to ensure they have local-purchase programs  that complement government procurement initiatives, and
  • commit to transparent Yukon Government capital planning by creating a detailed five-year Capital Plan and developing an inventory of “shovel-ready” projects that will be tendered well ahead of each construction season.