FAQ - Becoming a Candidate

1. How do I become a Candidate for the Yukon Liberal Party?

To begin the process to become a Nominated Candidate for the Yukon Liberal Party, read the RULES OF PROCEDURE FOR YUKON LIBERAL PARTY CANDIDATE NOMINATION MEETINGS that govern the nomination process. After reading the rules, please contact us at [email protected] to indicate your interest and we’ll make arrangements to get together with you.

If you decide to proceed, you must fill out a Candidate Declaration form that outlines your work history, education, community involvement and other personal information. After you complete all forms and requests for documents, we’ll review your submission. If approved to be a Qualified Nomination Contestant you will be on the ballot for your riding when the Nomination Meeting is called, subject to the Nomination Rules.

2. Can you provide a sample schedule of dates related to a nomination?

For a May 20th Meeting at 7 pm,

  • The minimum notice for a Meeting would be May 6th at 7 pm.
  • The “Cut off” date for Eligible Voting Members to have completed and returned their Membership Forms would be May 13th at 7 pm.
  • Nomination Forms must be completed and returned by May 18th at 7:00 pm.

If an election writ has been issued these timelines are shorter.

3. When will my Nomination Meeting be called?

Under our Constitution, where Constituency Associations exist they set the meeting time in consultation with the President of the Party, the Campaign Committee and the Leader.  Where there is no Constituency Association, the Executive of the Party is responsible for setting nomination meetings and the Campaign Chair has been delegated this authority by the Executive.

4. Are contributions to Nomination Candidates tax deductible?

No.  However contributions made to the Yukon Liberal Party are eligible for tax receipts.

5. How many signatures do I need for my nomination forms?

You need at least 10 Yukon Liberal Party members who live in the riding you are running in to sign your nomination papers. You should try to get more than 10 signatures in the unlikely event that any of your signatures are not eligible members.

6. Can I use the Yukon Liberal Party logo?

No.  No Potential or Qualified Nomination Contestant shall use any current or previous logo or mark of the Party or use any confusingly similar logo or in a manner that suggests any association with the Party.  If you are using the logo, you will be asked to immediately to remove it, if it’s online, or to cease distribution of printed materials that display the logo. If you become the candidate you can start using the party logo.

7. What else do I need to send with my Candidate Declaration package?

In addition to completing the forms you need to provide both a criminal record check and a credit report. The criminal record check can be obtained from your RCMP. Credit reports can be obtained through a credit reporting agency such as Equifax (www.equifax.ca).

8. What is the deadline to send my package?

If you are interested in seeking a nomination, it is recommended that you complete and submit your package as soon as possible. We are starting to schedule Nomination Meetings, and need to know about your interest and review your Candidate Declaration to ensure you are included in the process.

9. Who do I contact if I have issues or questions?

Contact [email protected]