Whitehorse:  The centrepiece of the latest Cathers/Pasloski Budget is a $27 million dollar bailout of the Yukon Hospital Corporation and it confirms fears about poor planning and fiscal mismanagement, says Liberal Leader Sandy Silver.

"This is a belated admission that poor planning and fiscal mismanagement were the guiding principles at play during the building of the two new hospitals,” he said.  “The government has been forced to set aside more than 10% of this year’s capital budget to bail out the Yukon Hospital Corporation and its wild-spending ways.  Now that the government has stepped in who will be held accountable for spending getting so out of hand?”

The bailout leaves the government will less money to put towards other capital projects.

“The promised Dawson Recreation Centre is once again pushed off into the future because there is not enough money to go around,” he said.  “Fiscal mismanagement is costing my community.”

The budget also demonstrates the Government of Yukon is no closer to solving our pending energy crisis than it was last year at this time.

“The speech acknowledges that providing affordable energy is a big challenge yet it provides no solutions,” Silver said.  ‘We are fast approaching an energy cliff and the government is not moving beyond talk into action.”    

Silver says he was disappointed to see the Premier use the budget speech to attack a long-time non-government organization and its members.    

“It does a disservice to the Premier’s Office.  It’s really cheapens the Office of the Premier,” he said.  “It’s one thing to disagree with people over the future of the Yukon but it can be done a respectful way.  To use the occasion of the budget speech to lash out at people in this way is really unprofessional and beneath the Office of the Premier.”

The Klondike MLA said he is pleased to see more money in the budget for volunteer fire departments and that progress is being made on expanding 911 services beyond Whitehorse.  He is also pleased to see the electrical rebate program continue.

“This rebate is essential as we watch energy bills move upward,” he commented.  “This is an item I can support.”


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