In recognition of Dawson City International Gold Show 2015

I am happy to rise on behalf of the Liberal Party and also the Official Opposition to pay tribute to the 2015 Dawson City gold show.

As mentioned, this is the largest industry and placer mining consumer trade show in North America. As well, this will be the 29th annual gold show hosted by the Dawson City Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Speaker, I have had the pleasure and privilege to attend many gold shows over the years, and it is always a fantastic event and a very fun weekend. Every year, I would join teachers and students, actually — and what a wonderful opportunity to showcase the industry to the students and also for the students to showcase their family members to their teachers and to their other peers — as we all know, the community goes further than just a classroom — and to showcase the important work that the families do in placer mining. The gold show provides a number of business opportunities to showcase their products and services and for Dawsonites and Yukoners alike to meet, interact and get your flowers for the season as well.

The keynote speaker for this year’s event is Larry Berman, the co-founder of ETF Capital Management and the Independent Investor Institute. Mr. Berman will be speaking on his experiences as an investor advisor and I’m keen to hear his insights on the current mineral markets.

Mr. Speaker, placer mining is an important historical and economic driver in Dawson and the gold show is an excellent opportunity to showcase our industry. With modern technology, sound regulations and public education, the placer mining sector can continue to thrive in the Yukon and continue to contribute to a prosperous Dawson community. The Yukon Liberal Party is extremely proud of this great, great industry.

This year’s show will also mark the second annual Bill Bowie night on Friday, May 15 at the Palace Grand. I will be cooking steaks for the ministers at that event. For those of you who don’t know Bill Bowie, he was a founding member of the Dawson City International Gold Show, a long-standing member of the Dawson City Chamber of Commerce, a volunteer firefighter and, honestly, one of the nicest and brightest men whom I have had the privilege of knowing. The dinner and auction was a great success last year and I’m happy that the gold show will continue to honour his legacy.

The Dawson City gold show encompasses the diverse and interconnected sectors of our regional economy with mining at its hub. Celebrating the gold show has become a springtime tradition, a place to chat, network and to share ideas with fellow miners and prospectors. The gold show is an international showcase created by locals and it is an institution in the Klondike that I am extremely proud of. I look forward to seeing you all there this weekend. To any of the members attending this year, I hope that you will come out to the Bill Bowie dinner and auction tomorrow and, if not, well, I guess we’re just going have to get caught up at Gertie’s sometime during the weekend.