In recognition of Lorenzo Grimard’s Birthday - April 23, 2016

Mr. Silver: Mr. Speaker, I rise on behalf of all of my colleagues in the Legislative Assembly to tribute Lorenzo Grimard on his 100th birthday.

April 23, 2106 in Dawson City not only marked the earliest day on record for the breakup of the Yukon River, but it was also cause for the celebration for the oldest-living francophone in the territory: Mr. Lorenzo Grimard.

A party was held in his honour for his 100th birthday where he was recognized by both the Governor General of Canada and also the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Lorenzo is an inspiration of positivity and an example of free-spiritedness that we can admire and aspire to. At 100 years young, he still has the glass-half-full attitude on life. He still knows how to entertain the crowds and he keeps the residents and staff of the McDonald Lodge smiling and happy.

Now, the Governor General and the Prime Minister were not the only ones to recognize the 23rd, because also the mayor and council of Dawson City also weighed in with a special proclamation and I would like to read that into the record here today. “Proclamation: Lorenzo Grimard Day:

WHEREAS Mr. Lorenzo Grimard is celebrating his 100th birthday on April 23, 2016; and

WHEREAS Mr. Lorenzo Grimard has been a long-time resident of our community and an active member of the Yukon Order of Pioneers; and

WHEREAS council is inspired by Mr. Lorenzo Grimard’s long life and offer him the sincere best wishes for continued good health and happiness now;

THEREFORE I, Wayne Potoroka, as Mayor of the City of Dawson, Yukon Territory, do hereby proclaim April 23, 2016 to be Lorenzo Grimard Day in the City of Dawson, Yukon Territory and commit this observation to the people of Dawson City.”

So Mr. Speaker, on behalf of all of my colleagues here in the Legislature, I would like to wish Lorenzo a happy 100th birthday and congratulate him on the proclamation to have April 23rd known as Lorenzo Grimard Day.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.