In recognition of Sports Day in Canada

I rise on behalf of the Liberal Party and the Official Opposition to also pay tribute to Sports Day in Canada. This Saturday will mark the fifth annual Sports Day in Canada.

Sports Day in Canada is a national day to celebrate and recognize the important role that sports plays in our lifelong development. Events take place from coast to coast and showcase the value of sports, from the grassroots level all the way to professional. In the week leading up to November 29, there will be events held across the country, hosted by local organizations and schools, to help build momentum and encourage communities, including a number of local events here in Whitehorse.

Sports play an important societal role in the Yukon and in Canada. Just think about how much we bonded during the Olympics, when we got together with friends and neighbours to watch the gold medal games in hockey. I remember watching the opening ceremonies in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics and the pride that I felt, watching Yukon youth participate for the whole world to watch.

As a youth myself, basketball, volleyball and badminton were my sports and played an integral part in my development. I made many friends playing the game and attending the tournaments. Later on, I became a teacher, and I was happy to coach in Dawson and help my students gain the advantage of sports that I have had in my life.

On that note, on December 2 at 6:00 p.m. at Porter Creek Senior Secondary, I will be refereeing the Harlem Ambassadors basketball game, hosted by the Yukon Pinoy Basketball League.

Let’s take the opportunity to celebrate just how much sports can impact our lives and how privileged we are as Canadians to have the free time to enjoy the opportunities that sports give us.