In recognition of the Bridge Building Competition 2016

Mr. Silver: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. On behalf of the Yukon Liberals and also the Official Opposition, I also would like to tribute the bridge building competition and thank the minister for his tribute.

I am going to specifically make a special recognition to Robert Service School’s Clive Betts. This is the 17th year that Clive has sent grade-4 bridges to the competition. It is the 23rd annual this year, so that means that there have only been six years in which Robert Service School and Clive Betts haven’t participated.

Students enjoy the hands-on activity, as it makes science — physics — and math — measurement and geometry — real for the students. Now, Mr. Betts has been teaching drafting as part of the lesson as well, since blueprints are made before they start building. In his life before teaching, Mr. Speaker, Clive was also a draftsman, so that definitely helps.

Innovators had the most grade-3-to-5 entries ever at 57 bridges this year. This year, Robert Service School registered 14 bridges in that competition. All students who made a bridge received some cool entry prizes, which change every year. We have also had lots of winners over the years of second place and fourth place, but Aaron Woods has been the only student from Dawson to ever get a first prize and to have his name on that trophy and, of course, the $100 that comes with it.

I would like to do a shout-out please, Mr. Speaker, to Dawson bridges that did not win any of the big prizes but they did place: 11th place, Seth MacDonald Bell; 13th place, Teagan Ewing; 14th place, Jesse Amos; 15th place, Tess Morin; 16th place, Sasha Popadenic; 17th place, Magen Bundt; 18th place, Calvin Cibert; 20th place, Nico Soliguen; 24th place, Darnel Taylor; 31st place, Orion Fage; 51st place, Nathan Van Every. There were also bridges that were not tested that were given by Aeon Perucho, Liam Henry and Beezy Duncan. Congratulations to all those students.

Mr. Speaker, those who know Clive know that he’s a master of puns. In the spirit of puns, I hope this competition was friendly and did not create any arch enemies. Congratulations to all who participated and thank you to Clive Betts and to all the volunteers.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.