Red Tape & Access to Services

Yukoners need to be able to access government services in a timely and convenient manner. Similarly, Yukon businesses require an environment that facilitates their ability to operate in a modern, responsive regulatory environment.

A Yukon Liberal government will:

  • collaborate with businesses to identify barriers to competitiveness and modernize the existing regulatory environment;
  • reduce red tape and regulatory burdens for small business while maintaining standards for business operations;
  • reduce red tape for Yukoners accessing services and enhance the availability of services online, and
  • expand opportunities to introduce/provide more eHealth, eJustice, eEducation and e-Commerce services to Yukon’s communities.

Sustainable Environment

In order to diversify Yukon’s economy in the future, we need more energy than we currently have. However, that need for energy must be balanced with lessening our carbon footprint and other negative impacts on our environment. Reducing the use of energy and expanding the availability of renewable energy make achieving this balance possible. The sustainability and preservation of Yukon’s environment, its wildlife and its resources is critical to our future.

A Yukon Liberal government will:

  • protect our environment by increasing the availability of renewable energy through measures such as:
    • promoting and developing energy policies, initiatives and programs that source future needs from renewable technologies, such as small-hydro, wind, solar and geothermal sources;
    • launching pilot projects in renewable energy storage (e.g. liquid hydrogen) which enable excess summer energy (hydro) to be used in the winter;
    • examining the feasibility of connecting to the British Columbia or Alaska grid, and
    • re-examining the current Independent Power Production Policy to provide stable pricing mechanisms for renewable energy projects;
  • protect our environment by reducing the use of energy through measures such as:
    • updating Yukon’s Climate Change Action Plan and Energy Strategy to establish greenhouse gas reduction targets, including intensity-based targets for industry;
    • allocating up to $30M per year to implement an energy retrofit program for residential, government, and commercial buildings, working with federal agencies to access funding sources;
    • working with communities and the utility companies to convert all street lighting to LED;
    • working with the Government of Canada to ensure that all funds collected in Yukon through a federal carbon pricing mechanism will be returned to Yukon to be distributed back to individual Yukoners and businesses through a rebate, and
    • accurately and transparently tracking Yukon’s greenhouse gas emissions;
  • protect our environment through working collaboratively to implement government policy, regulation and public consultations including, but not limited to:
    • accepting the final report of the original Peel Watershed Planning Commission;
    • restarting the land use planning process in consultation with First Nations, communities and stakeholders and immediately take steps to restart the Dawson Land Use Plan;
    • placing an immediate, long-term moratorium on, and issuing no permits for, fracking in Yukon;
    • continuing the moratorium on oil and gas development in the Whitehorse trough;
    • removing LNG from qualifying under the Independent Power Production program;
    • establishing an Independent Task Force on Economic Enhancement and Environmental Sustainability, and
    • working with Yukon’s mining industry to establish strong environmental stewardship programs;
  • protect our environment by supporting communities in their “reduce, reuse, recycle” efforts through measures such as:
    • developing and implementing community-centred, integrated waste management and diversion plans, with full participation of Yukon’s municipalities in order to resolve outstanding waste management issues, including recycling and illegal dumping.

Government-to-Government Relationships

Since the effective date of the modern Yukon Self-government Agreements in the early 1990’s, a new order of government has existed in law in Yukon which establishes First Nation law-making authority and control over various programs and services on settlement land and traditional territory.  Yukon Liberals understand that strong, effective, transparent government-to-government relationships are absolutely necessary in modern Yukon. 

A Yukon Liberal Government will:

  • within 30 days of forming government, have the Premier and Cabinet meet with First Nation Chiefs to establish initial priorities;
  • hold bi-lateral Premier/First Nation Chief meetings as requested;
  • hold a revitalized Yukon Forum up to four times annually as agreed with Yukon Chiefs, and
  • support First Nations governments in bilateral initiatives they have with the Government of Canada.

Life-Long Health and Wellbeing

An active, healthy society improves standards of living and economic outcomes as well as reduces strain on our healthcare system. We need to invest in people, in affordable housing, in alternative methods of care, in people’s mental health and in active living.

A Yukon Liberal Government will:

  • streamline and refocus the implementation of the Yukon Mental Wellness Strategy and include comprehensive after care services in Yukon communities;
  • recruit an adequate number of in-patient and out-patient mental health workers to meet the mental health needs of the territory;
  • increase the Yukon College licensed practical nursing program from an intake every 18 months to every 12 months;
  • engage with the Government of Canada and the Mental Health Commission of Canada on the implementation of the National Mental Health Strategy;
  • modernize and integrate alcohol treatment programs and services to reflect advances in treatment and services and First Nations culture – including land-based programming, community-based care and aftercare;
  • create adequate hospital infrastructure for Yukoners by ensuring that Yukon hospitals have sufficient capacity including beds, equipment, services, and qualified staff;
  • examine options to improve the delivery of front line health care services through a collaborative care model;
  • fund health and wellness peer champions in each community to encourage healthy lifestyle and participation in existing, yet undersubscribed, programs;
  • work in partnership with the francophone community to find practical short and long term solutions to provide more services in French; especially in the priority areas of primary, emergency and mental health care;
  • address community concerns on cancer incidence by obtaining reliable information and enhancing health promotion and prevention initiatives;
  • update and enhance the FireSmart Program;
  • adopt a Housing First Strategy for vulnerable populations such as those affected by poverty, addictions or mental health problems, and
  • work with municipalities and First Nations governments to implement the Housing Action Plan.

Facilitate Yukon Business

Yukon businesses create jobs. With lower taxes, employers can invest in marketing, training, and innovation to create more good jobs for Yukoners. With fair procurement processes, Yukon businesses can compete and grow. With more Yukon government spending staying in the territory, all Yukoners benefit.

A Yukon Liberal government will:

  • eliminate the small business tax;
  • reduce the corporate tax rate to 12% from 15%;
  • increase the ceiling for the Yukon Small Business Investment Tax Credit from $1 million to $5 million and increase the asset limit to allow larger companies to qualify;
  • fast track the implementation of the recommendations of the Procurement Advisory Panel Report (i.e. within two years);
  • collaborate with major industry including mines and large infrastructure projects to ensure they have local-purchase programs  that complement government procurement initiatives, and
  • commit to transparent Yukon Government capital planning by creating a detailed five-year Capital Plan and developing an inventory of “shovel-ready” projects that will be tendered well ahead of each construction season.

Traditional Knowledge, Language & Culture

First Nations make enormous contributions to Yukon based on their history in the territory.  Revitalizing, maintaining and celebrating First Nations knowledge, language and culture are core to a modern Yukon.

A Yukon Liberal government will:

  • establish National Aboriginal Day as a Yukon statutory holiday;
  • support Yukon First Nations in establishing and administering archives of traditional knowledge;
  • market First Nations arts and culture initiatives in partnership with Yukon First Nations;
  • incorporate First Nations’ culture into the Standing Orders, customs, and practices of the Legislature;
  • in consultation with First Nations and First Nation Heritage Centres, establish an Indigenous Fine Arts Program, and
  • work with linguistic experts and First Nations to develop, preserve and enhance traditional knowledge, First Nation languages, and First Nation culture.

Early Childhood

Child care, development and education from birth to age eight must be co-ordinated to maximize the benefits to our children.

A Yukon Liberal Government will:

  • research, develop and implement a Yukon Early Childhood Strategy (childcare, development and education), in consultation with early childhood education and health care professionals, parents and First Nation governments, in order to improve developmental and educational outcomes, and
  • create structures that close the gap in responsibility between the Departments of Health and Social Services and Education.


Affordable and accessible housing remains an issue in the Territory and the Yukon Liberals will take crucial steps to address the initial purchase requirements and ongoing costs associated with home ownership through enhanced low income housing options across the Territory.

A Yukon Liberal government will:

  • implement a community-based housing retrofit program to upgrade existing housing stock, improve energy efficiency and stimulate local Yukon businesses;
  • modernize the Government’s approach to the provision of staff and social housing and collaborate with the private sector to develop strategies for program delivery which support community economic growth;
  • work with communities to create available developed land banks to keep land prices affordable, and
  • prioritize federal funding towards the creation of affordable housing.

Public Service Excellence

Yukon’s public servants are our family, our neighbours and our friends.  Supporting the public service enables them to improve the quality of life for Yukoners through their daily work. 

A Yukon Liberal Government will:

  • provide political direction, then respect the work of public servants while holding them accountable for the delivery of programs and services to Yukoners;
  • generate more opportunities for public servants to build capacity through professional development (internally and externally), and
  • review hiring/promotion processes to ensure that they are open and transparent.

Economic and Infrastructure Development

We must invest in the infrastructure of communities, to capitalize on their ambitions and develop their economies in a fiscally responsible manner.

A Yukon Liberal government will:

  • support municipalities in the development of community plans and use those plans to inform the direction of community development;
  • assist communities in developing “mining within municipality” policies that respect the needs of all residents, while providing certainty for land users and compensation, where appropriate, for miners;
  • expand the existing campground infrastructure;
  • support necessary investments in basic community infrastructure that is needed to support communities and industry, and
  • reduce community reliance on diesel energy.


A healthy pregnancy is the path to a healthy birth.  Investments at this critical time of development result in exponential gains in the health of newborns.

A Yukon Liberal Government will:

  • support in vitro fertilization by introducing a tax credit to offset the cost of this procedure;
  • support and fund regulated midwifery, and
  • expand maternal and pre-natal community-delivered supports in the territory including, but not limited to, supporting the delivery of the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program, and matching federal funding.

Justice for All

A responsive and culturally relevant justice system will help protect all Yukoners, respect the human rights of incarcerated individuals and provide for rehabilitation that reduces the recidivism rates in the correctional system.  Our government will ensure that we amend legislation in order to reflect the priorities we have heard from Yukoners.

A Yukon Liberal Government will:

  • work with RCMP, First Nations, the Yukon Police Council and communities to identify ongoing policing priorities and the funding required to implement them;
  • develop improved access to justice and alternative support options for both criminal and civil cases;
  • expand crime prevention through an environmental design approach to all interested rural and remote communities;
  • review the Auditor General’s Report on Corrections and implement relevant recommendations to improve Yukon correctional services;
  • develop alternative correctional therapeutic environments for individuals with disabilities, mental health or addictions problems;
  • develop programs to assist victims of violent crime and sexual assault in Yukon;
  • update the Legal Professions Act and its regulations in order to protect the public’s interests and improve access to legal services;
  • amend the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Act to include presumptive provisions for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in first responders;
  • conduct a legislative, policy and practice review to ensure the Yukon Government meets rules and social standards for LGBTQ non-discrimination, and
  • amend Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act to increase the amount of government information available to Yukoners.

Predictable Funding Programs

Community planning only works with adequate funding that matches the planning time frame. Ensuring predictable funding for communities is a priority of the Yukon Liberals and we will work with municipalities and the Association of Yukon Communities to make this a reality.

A Yukon Liberal government will:

  • commit to long-term infrastructure investment programs that ensure funding predictability over the medium-term (5-10 years);
  • establish a five-year funding plan for the Comprehensive Municipal Grant;
  • implement appropriate funding levels for Structural Fire Protection, and
  • establish a five-year funding formula for the Municipal Matching Rental Construction Program.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Our country has embarked on a process of healing from a history of residential schools and a destructive policy of assimilation.  It is a healing process intended for both indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians. 

A Yukon Liberal Government will:

  • work with First Nation governments to address the legacy of residential schools by closing the gaps in service delivery and creating a culturally relevant and responsive justice and corrections system;
  • work with Yukon First Nations to identify how the Yukon Government can implement its responsibilities stemming from the Calls to Action of the Commission, and
  • implement training programs for Yukon Government employees on the legacy and impact of residential schools.

Self-Government Agreements

Self-government agreements are instruments for collaborative nation building, environmental protection, sustainable economic growth, and most importantly, reconciliation.  If they are implemented in keeping with their spirit and intent, they are beneficial to all Yukon. 

A Yukon Liberal Government will:

  • work with First Nations to repeal Bill S-6 (amendments to YESAA);
  • respect the Land Use Planning process established in the Agreements by accepting the final report of the original Peel Watershed Planning Commission;
  • support respective First Nations who have commenced Administration of Justice negotiations pursuant to their Self-Government Agreements;
  • assist respective First Nations in establishing land registries, and
  • work actively to uphold and promote the spirit and intent of the Agreements and identify and resolve roadblocks.

Knowledge Economy

The knowledge economy encompasses the innovation, IT and science sectors; sectors that will build communities and strengthen the economic base of the Yukon.

A Yukon Liberal government will:

  • develop an innovation plan;
  • pursue opportunities for advancing scientific research in Yukon such as:establish an Open Data Repository;
    • establishing a Yukon Research Fund;
    • reviewing the Yukon Scientists and Explorers Act, and
    • creating additional Yukon Research Chair(s) at Yukon College;
  • pursue federal funding for energy research;
  • establish a 5-Year funding plan for technology innovation projects;
  • enhance connectivity and bandwidth for all Yukon communities, and
  • accelerate the completion of the fibre optic redundancy project.

Aging in Place

As our population ages, we need to plan for their comfort and care; creating solutions to promote aging in place and a full spectrum of care.

A Yukon Liberal Government will:

  • keep the Whistle Bend Continuing Care development at 150 beds;
  • work with Yukoners, health professionals, and stakeholders to find solutions that offer alternatives and transitions between home care and full-time continuing care, and
  • provide community-based services which allow seniors to age in place, to the greatest extent possible.

Existing Industries

Economic diversification includes developing new industries as well as supporting and expanding industries that continue to contribute to the economy of Yukon - in balance with meeting our commitment to environmental stewardship.  Broadening existing industries creates a wider, more stable base for short and long-term economic success.

A Yukon Liberal government will:

  • ensure responsible resource development by:
    • supporting oil and gas development (not including hydraulic fracturing) on Eagle Plains, in collaboration with the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation and in keeping with the provisions of both the North Yukon Land Use Plan and the land use plan for the Peel recommended by the planning commission;
    • actively support mining and will work with Yukon’s mining industry to establish strong environmental stewardship and community development programs, and
    • examining the current mining assessment process to find ways to harmonize the Yukon Water Board processes within the Yukon Environment and Socio-economic Assessment Act framework;
  • enhance the tourism industry by:
    • paving the Dawson City airport runway and making the necessary maintenance and infrastructure  upgrades for all rural airports to enhance economic opportunities and community security;
    • examining options to develop a more competitive winter tourism industry;
    • considering investments in government infrastructure from which the tourism industry can build businesses;
    • formulating an arts and culture policy in the Yukon that recognizes various arts and culture sectors (First Nations, French, Filipino, etc.) as key pillars to developing the Yukon community;
    • marketing and supporting the promotion of Yukon artists, arts, and culture;
    • doubling the government’s direct consumer marketing efforts for a total investment of $1.2 million, and
    • making the temporary two-year tourism marketing funds permanent and increasing the annual core marketing fund from $5M to $7M;
  • support the forestry industry by;
    • developing opportunities for forestry companies to create fuel for biomass heating projects, and
    • targeting investment to boost small-scale softwood lumber opportunities, including a forestry plan for south east Yukon, and
  • expand the agriculture industry by:
    • investing in agriculture, food storage, processing, community-based greenhouse and farming projects;
    • establishing benchmarks and targets to move Yukon towards a greater degree of food self-sufficiency, and
    • examining options for tax credits and incentives for local food producers.

Economic Diversification

We need to invest in our people, our businesses and all of our industries to diversify our economy. A Yukon Liberal government will make new and innovative investments in mining, tourism, manufacturing, agriculture and information technology to create good jobs. We need to expand investment opportunities and build local capacity in new and existing businesses and services.  

A Yukon Liberal government will:

  • strengthen entrepreneurial opportunities for Yukon First Nation development corporations;
  • support manufacturing and product development in Yukon by finding opportunities for stronger export trade and investment accords with our neighbouring jurisdictions;
  • establish an Independent Task Force on Economic Enhancement and Environmental Sustainability;
  • expand the mandate of  the Yukon Development Corporation beyond energy and establish a $10 million economic infrastructure investment fund through YDC to advance economic diversification and innovation, and
  • expand Invest Yukon to reflect the importance of all sectors in our economy.

Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

The federal Liberal government has heard the call of First Nations from Yukon and across Canada for action on missing and murdered indigenous women and girls.

A Yukon Liberal government will:

  • participate fully with Canada’s Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, and
  • restructure the Prevention of Violence Against Aboriginal Women Fund to make funding more readily available to communities.

Electoral Process

Voting is the cornerstone of democracy.  Improving the Yukon electoral process so that the voices of people are heard and respected through their votes is important. 

A Yukon Liberal government will:

  • legislate fixed election dates, and
  • strike a non-partisan Commission on Electoral Reform to consult Yukoners on possible options for territorial electoral reform.

Yukon Legislative Assembly

The Legislature must be a place of respect, accountability, inclusiveness and transparency in order to ensure government works for the people of Yukon.

A Yukon Liberal government will:

  • require all Yukon Government entities to appear before the Legislature at least once per year;
  • create a publically disclosed Lobbyist Registry;
  • legislate fixed calendar dates for legislative sittings, and
  • establish a formalized process for legislative returns.

Life-Long Learning

Lifelong learning is essential to our economy, our society, and our future; everyone is a stakeholder. The pillar of institutional learning is more than creating a university as a legacy project; it is a continual level of support of all areas: adult basic education; skills training; post-secondary education; literacy; on-the-job training; professional development and employment supports.

A Yukon Liberal Government will:

  • work with Yukon College and the private and public sectors to identify employment and service gaps and create training opportunities for interested Yukoners to train, upgrade, retrain, or expand existing skillsets - especially in Yukon communities;
  • partner with NGOs, the private sector and First Nation Governments to implement the Yukon Literacy Strategy to develop education, training and literacy programs to help reduce social and economic disparities between Whitehorse and the communities, and
  • develop a plan with Yukon College for the transition to a university in a manner that builds on existing College programs and maintains a focus on basic adult education, trades and professional training, second language support programs and high school upgrading.

K-12 Education

Improving educational outcomes is crucial to the future of our territory. Our schools will succeed if the community is invested in their success, if students are motivated to learn, and if parents and teachers have the supports they need in and out of the classroom.

A Yukon Liberal Government will:

  • enhance education governance, in consultation with partners in education, by exploring the establishment of an additional school board(s);
  • support the implementation of a student-centered, Yukon version of the revised B.C. K-12 curriculum that focuses on skills and experiential learning while maintaining academic standards and improving graduation rates;
  • ensure that schools have the necessary resources (e.g. in-school social workers, psychologists) to facilitate health services work within all Yukon schools;
  • support the First Nations Education Commission in their efforts to realize their vision for education;
  • develop incentives and increase opportunities for teachers in rural Yukon to remain in and integrate with communities;
  • review teacher hiring practices in conjunction with the Yukon Teachers’ Association, and
  • work with the Commission Scolaire Francophone du Yukon, l’Association Franco-Yukonnaise, Yukon francophone families and Francophone and French immersion schools to plan for a new Francophone secondary school.