Jeanie Dendys acclaimed in Mountainview

WHITEHORSE – Jeanie Dendys has been acclaimed in Mountainview and will be the Yukon Liberal candidate in the riding. The other contender for the nomination, Mike Gladish, withdrew from the nomination process prior to the nomination meeting that took place on August 2, 2016 at Mt McIntyre Rec Centre. Both Dendys and Gladish were active in recruiting members to the Yukon Liberal party, with a combined total of more than 250 people signed up to support their candidacy.

Mike Gladish said: “In the spirit of party unity, I decided that a contested nomination in Mountainview was not in the best interests of the residents of the riding or the prospects of the party. I spoke to Jeanie Dendys about my decision, and she was gracious in accepting my support.” 

Jeanie Dendys said: “I am grateful for the strong support received from Mike Gladish and the many constituents engaged in the nomination process. People want change and a renewal of the Yukon Government way of doing business. I look forward to working with Mike Gladish and my other Liberal colleagues and supporters to win the election and be part of building a new government capable of harnessing innovation to create opportunities for all Yukon people.” 

Mike Gladish said: “Jeanie Dendys is a strong candidate and as a high profile First Nation woman brings the capacity to build stronger partnerships between the Yukon Government and First Nation as we build a stronger Yukon.”

Dendys works as Director of Justice for Kwanlin Dun First Nation in the riding. She is committed to bringing her experience on the front lines of self-government implementation in communities to a political career. Her career has been collaborative and dedicated to innovative programming solutions in child welfare, restorative justice, community safety and security, land-based healing and culturally founded community outreach.

Jeanie was born and raised in Yukon. Although of mixed heritage, she remains deeply connected to Tahltan First Nation traditional territory in northern B.C. Her large extended family includes people that have made significant contributions to business and political life, including her uncle John Edzerza.

Jeanie Dendys said: “I am very committed to finding new ways to work together as Yukon people to create a more vibrant territory. Partners from all Yukon communities and every level of government have robust ideas for renewal that will feed economic and social progress if we can act on those ideas. I know the Liberal team can lead that change.”

Dendys is experienced in leading change and innovation. She respects the contributions offered by all and is willing to listen and act to improve the lives of Yukon people through political leadership.

“Jeanie is a compassionate and creative individual,” says Leader Sandy Silver, “whose dedication to family and community is second to none. We are very excited to have Jeanie’s experience and wisdom to draw from and I look forward to working more closely with her.”


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Laura Cabott, Territorial Campaign Committee Chair