Letter to the Editor: Ambulance Station

Dear Editor:

Over a year ago, the Cathers/Pasloski government cut the ribbon on the new ambulance station at the top of Two Mile Hill.  Today, the part of the building that  was to be an integrated dispatch centre for emergency call outs still sits empty and unused.  Instead calls go through the old and crumbling station in Riverdale.  Why?

Poor planning and failing to consult: the government never established a tenancy agreement with the RCMP to use the facility prior to construction.  After the fact, according to the Minister of Community Services, the RCMP has agreed to move in but renovations will now be required before it meets their needs.   The station was already $800,000 over budget and expensive renovations, as confirmed by the Minister on November 27th, will be at taxpayers’ expense.

Yukoners will now be footing the bill for renovations to a building that is only a year old and they have poor planning from their government to thank for it.



Sandy Silver
Yukon Liberal Party Leader