Letter to the Editor: Cather's Resignation

Dear Editor:

Despite promises, plans and money from Ottawa, there is another winter’s snow, but no new affordable rental housing, on the ground in Whitehorse.

For eight years, the Cathers/Pasloski government sat on millions of federal housing dollars while residents faced high rents and limited options.

This summer, in the face of pressure from special interests closely linked to the Yukon Party, Brad Cathers cancelled plans for 75 new affordable rental units.

This was a political decision, not one based on the needs of Yukoners.  Minister Cathers broke his earlier promise that it would be the Yukon Housing Corporation board, not him or the Yukon Party, that determined which housing project would proceed (Legislative Assembly, May 15, 2014).

Cathers has repeatedly shown he is either incapable or unwilling to deliver on affordable rental housing in Whitehorse.  In either case, he has failed to perform the responsibilities of his job as Minister responsible for the Yukon Housing Corporation. 

That’s why I asked Premier Pasloski for the Minister’s resignation on the first day of the fall legislative sitting.  I repeated that call again this week and the Premier pointedly refused to say he supported the Minister.   

I am not alone in my frustration.

On October 27, Whitehorse Mayor and Council passed a resolution unanimously asking for Cathers’ resignation due to his failure to work with municipalities on this important issue.

Residents, businesses, and social service organizations have been clear: affordable rental housing is long overdue in Whitehorse.  It seems only the Minister disagrees and that is why he has to go.


Sandy Silver
Leader, Yukon Liberal Party