Life-Long Health and Wellbeing

An active, healthy society improves standards of living and economic outcomes as well as reduces strain on our healthcare system. We need to invest in people, in affordable housing, in alternative methods of care, in people’s mental health and in active living.

A Yukon Liberal Government will:

  • streamline and refocus the implementation of the Yukon Mental Wellness Strategy and include comprehensive after care services in Yukon communities;
  • recruit an adequate number of in-patient and out-patient mental health workers to meet the mental health needs of the territory;
  • increase the Yukon College licensed practical nursing program from an intake every 18 months to every 12 months;
  • engage with the Government of Canada and the Mental Health Commission of Canada on the implementation of the National Mental Health Strategy;
  • modernize and integrate alcohol treatment programs and services to reflect advances in treatment and services and First Nations culture – including land-based programming, community-based care and aftercare;
  • create adequate hospital infrastructure for Yukoners by ensuring that Yukon hospitals have sufficient capacity including beds, equipment, services, and qualified staff;
  • examine options to improve the delivery of front line health care services through a collaborative care model;
  • fund health and wellness peer champions in each community to encourage healthy lifestyle and participation in existing, yet undersubscribed, programs;
  • work in partnership with the francophone community to find practical short and long term solutions to provide more services in French; especially in the priority areas of primary, emergency and mental health care;
  • address community concerns on cancer incidence by obtaining reliable information and enhancing health promotion and prevention initiatives;
  • update and enhance the FireSmart Program;
  • adopt a Housing First Strategy for vulnerable populations such as those affected by poverty, addictions or mental health problems, and
  • work with municipalities and First Nations governments to implement the Housing Action Plan.