Life-Long Learning

Lifelong learning is essential to our economy, our society, and our future; everyone is a stakeholder. The pillar of institutional learning is more than creating a university as a legacy project; it is a continual level of support of all areas: adult basic education; skills training; post-secondary education; literacy; on-the-job training; professional development and employment supports.

A Yukon Liberal Government will:

  • work with Yukon College and the private and public sectors to identify employment and service gaps and create training opportunities for interested Yukoners to train, upgrade, retrain, or expand existing skillsets - especially in Yukon communities;
  • partner with NGOs, the private sector and First Nation Governments to implement the Yukon Literacy Strategy to develop education, training and literacy programs to help reduce social and economic disparities between Whitehorse and the communities, and
  • develop a plan with Yukon College for the transition to a university in a manner that builds on existing College programs and maintains a focus on basic adult education, trades and professional training, second language support programs and high school upgrading.