Whitehorse:  The new Peel Land Use Plan opens the majority of the area to development, says Interim Liberal Leader Sandy Silver.

“This is an entirely new plan,” he said.  “Government has re-invented the wheel and the new plan throws almost the entire region open to development.  It is a slap in the face to the Peel land use planners and everyone who contributed to the previous plan.”

Silver says it is unfortunate the government wasn't honest with Yukoners about what it wanted when the planning process started many years ago. 

“A great deal of effort and time has been lost while the Yukon Party sat back and watched the commission do its work,” he said.  “Instead of wasting everyone’s time the government should have laid out its priorities at the beginning of the process and used that as a starting point for discussions.”

The order the Ministers spoke at yesterday’s news conference gives Yukoners an idea of the winners and losers in the new plan.  Energy Mines and Resources was first, followed by the Environment and then Tourism.

“The speaking order demonstrated what the priorities for the government are,” the Klondike MLA said.  “The later the Minister was on the agenda the less they spoke.”

The government announcement yesterday sets out a four month consultation period where Yukoners can have their say on the new plan.

“I want to encourage Yukoners to make their voices heard, to attend public meetings, and to send comments to the government,” he said.  “We will see if there is an appetite for the new proposals.”  


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