Yukon Liberals to establish National Aboriginal Day as a Yukon Statutory Holiday

TESLIN – The Yukon Liberals will establish National Aboriginal Day as a Yukon Statutory Holiday, says Carl Sidney, Liberal candidate for Pelly–Nisutlin.

National Aboriginal Day, celebrated on June 21 of each year, celebrates the diversity and strength of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples, their cultures, and traditions. 

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Yukon Liberals outline support for cornerstones of Yukon’s economy- mining and tourism

WHITEHORSE – Liberal leader Sandy Silver and Mathieya Alatini, the Yukon Liberals candidate for Kluane, announced the party’s commitment to the mining and tourism industries today.  Alatini is the former Chief of the Kluane First Nation and also a former Yukon Women in Mining Champion.

“Mathieya has long been a strong advocate of business and industry that works in partnership with First Nations. She is an empowering role model for women who are seeking careers in their own back yard,” said Silver. “She is the ideal candidate to outline our support for these two industries that are cornerstones of our economy.” 

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Housing in Ross River will be a priority for a Liberal Government

TESLIN – The housing situation in Ross River has reached emergency proportions per a letter from the Ross River Dena Council Chief Jack Caesar.  Carl Sidney, Yukon Liberals candidate in Pelly-Nisutlin, is deeply concerned about this situation.

“This situation didn’t happen overnight – housing in Ross River has been an issue for decades and has been allowed to deteriorate to this crisis point due to lacking of funding and an unwillingness by the Yukon government to make this a priority,” said Sidney. “People should not be living in sub-standard homes that are literally dangerous to their health.”

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Yukon Liberals will invest in Yukon forestry sector, develop sustainable local food options

WATSON LAKE – Yukon Liberals will target investment to boost small-scale softwood lumber opportunities and support more biomass heating projects, says Watson Lake Liberal candidate Ernie Jamieson. 

“The Yukon Liberals recognize that economic diversification means supporting existing and emerging sectors. A Yukon Liberal government will work in collaboration with industry and First Nations partners to expand our forestry sector, targeting manufactured lumber,” Jamieson said. “Our government’s investment will also be supported by a forestry plan for southeast Yukon for commercial harvesting.”  This plan would also include silvaculture. 

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Yukon Liberals release election platform

WHITEHORSE – Liberal leader Sandy Silver today released the party’s election platform. He said Yukon Liberals are running a campaign for Yukon, not against other people or positions – a campaign based on positivity, inclusivity and respect.

“That is how I have conducted myself over the last five years as the MLA for Klondike and that is how we are presenting our plan to Yukoners,” he said.   “If you look at which party understands the issues most important to Yukoners, which party has the platform that addresses those issues in a realistic and holistic manner, and which party has the team of candidates to deliver their platform and govern this territory in a transparent, respectful, collaborative and accountable manner – you would be looking at the Yukon Liberals.”

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Yukon Liberals committed to healthier opportunities for all

WHITEHORSE – Riverdale South candidate Tracy McPhee today released the Yukon Liberals plan to improve our health care system. She emphasized the importance of delivering front line health care services in outlining the Liberals plan.

“When you need to go to the hospital, the hospital needs to have the resources to take care of you,” she said. “Yukon Liberals will create better hospital infrastructure for Yukoners by ensuring that all Yukon hospitals have enough beds, equipment, services, and qualified staff. Working together, we will have a responsive health care system.”

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Yukon Liberals outline plan to create thriving Yukon communities

WHITEHORSE – Yukon Liberal Leader Sandy Silver and Vuntut Gwitchin candidate Pauline Frost today outlined their party’s plan to create thriving Yukon communities.

“As an MLA from Dawson for the last five years I’ve demonstrated how important the role of rural Yukon is to me personally and if I’m elected Premier that won’t change,” said Silver. “I have always seen the job of a rural MLA as being a community’s representative in Whitehorse and not the other way around.”

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Liberals Showcase Environmental Policy at Forum hosted by CPAWS-Yukon and the Yukon Conservation Society

WHITEHORSE - Mount Lorne-Southern Lakes candidate John Streicker represented the Yukon Liberal Party's strong environmental policy last night at the forum hosted by CPAWS and the Yukon Conservation Society.

Streicker emphasized the importance of long term planning in a truly collaborative fashion, involving all levels of government, where the goal is true sustainability.

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Yukon Liberals will enhance small business investment tax credit, focus on economic diversification

WHITEHORSE – Yukon Liberals will enhance the Small Business Investment Tax Credit as part of a plan to diversify Yukon’s economy, says Copperbelt North candidate Ted Adel.  The Yukon Small Business Investment Tax Credit (YSBITC) is a personal tax credit that reduces Yukon income tax for eligible investors who invest in eligible business corporations making qualified investments.

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Statement by Yukon Liberals Campaign Chair Laura Cabott on Mountainview

WHITEHORSE – “The Yukon Liberals’ candidate in Mountainview riding, Jeanie Dendys, fully respects all of the citizens in the Mountainview riding. Jeanie has spent her career building programs to assist vulnerable people in Yukon; especially with the vulnerable citizens of Kwanlin Dun First Nation. She and her campaign team have been trained in proper voting practices, as have all Yukon Liberal candidates, and fully respect all the citizens in her riding and the KDFN government.  Dendys and Liberal leader Sandy Silver are disappointed that questionable practices have occurred in the Mountainview riding.”


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