Yukon Liberals lay out road map for Knowledge Economy

WHITEHORSE – Copperbelt South Liberal candidate Jocelyn Curteanu today released the Yukon Liberals plan to build the knowledge economy.

“The knowledge economy encompasses the innovation, IT and science sectors; sectors that will build communities and strengthen the economic base of the Yukon,” Curteanu said.  “We can begin to do that by accelerating the completion of the fibre optic redundancy project.  There’s been nothing but empty promises and frustrated consumers because of the lack of urgency surrounding this project.”

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Yukon Liberals set to participate in community debates this week

WHITEHORSE – Liberal leader Sandy Silver will join the leaders of the other major political parties in a debate hosted by Council of Yukon First Nations on Thursday, October 20th from 7 to 9 pm at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre.

Silver thanked Grand Chief Peter Johnston for organizing the event and said it will be a good opportunity for voters to compare the platform of the Yukon Liberals against the record of the Yukon Party.

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Yukon Liberals map out renewable energy future

WHITEHORSE –Liberal leader Sandy Silver says his party would take a different approach to energy planning and would start by setting policy direction to prioritize renewable energy sources and technology.

“This is a position I’ve been presenting in the legislature for the last number of years,” Silver said. “A Liberal government would promote energy policies for electricity, heat and transportation that primarily source future needs from conservation, efficiency and renewable technologies, such as small-hydro, wind, solar, and geothermal sources, positioning the territory as a renewable energy leader in Canada.”

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Yukon Liberals outline support for First Responders with PTSD

WHITEHORSE – Yukon Liberals will amend the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Act to include presumptive provisions for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in first responders, said Riverdale North candidate Nils Clarke.

“We recognize the risks first responders face in providing service to Yukoners,” Clarke said. “One concrete way to do that is to address the serious health care consequences those workers suffer from.” 

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Sandy Silver set to participate in Klondike all-candidates debate

WHITEHORSE –Liberal leader Sandy Silver is participating in an all candidate’s debate in his home riding of Klondike on Wednesday night.  The debate is being organized by the Dawson City Chamber of Commerce.

“I’d like to thank the Chamber for organizing this event as it presents all the candidates with an opportunity to speak directly with voters about their priorities,” said Silver.    

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Sandy Silver & The Yukon Liberals

Yukon Liberals outline plan to support Yukon businesses, workers

WHITEHORSE – Yukon Liberals will make benefits to Yukoners the top priority when it comes to procurement, said Porter South Liberal candidate Ranj Pillai today. 

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Yukon Liberals ready for election

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Liberal Party has joined Yukoners in welcoming a date for the upcoming election. 

“Yukoners are asking for change and they want to Be Heard,” said Yukon Liberals leader Sandy Silver. “Yukon Liberals have listened and we are ready to lead the political change that is desperately needed in our territory.”

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Yukon Liberals outline plan to create good jobs by cutting taxes, growing business sector

WHITEHORSE – A Yukon Liberal government will deliver significant tax cuts to Yukon employers said Liberal leader Sandy Silver today.

"Yukon currently has the highest corporate tax rate of any jurisdiction west of Nova Scotia. A Yukon Liberal government will change that and level the playing field for Yukon employers while making it more attractive for businesses to operate in the territory," he said. "Reducing taxes for employers is part of our plan to promote a more diversified economy and create good jobs."

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Yukon Party Doubles Down on Misleading Yukoners

WHITEHORSE – “No sooner did we set the record straight on carbon pricing than the Yukon Party sent out more untruths,” said Liberal leader Sandy Silver today. “Yukoners deserve to hear the facts.”

At a news conference this morning, Sandy Silver and Mt Lorne-Southern Lakes candidate John Streicker presented the unvarnished truth about carbon pricing:

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