Whitehorse:  Klondike MLA Sandy Silver is disappointed Premier Pasloski didn’t include cuts to Parks Canada services on his list of agenda items, when he met with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  A news release from the Government of Yukon listed several other items but failed to mention the future of the S.S. Klondike or Dredge #4.

“For a government that says this is one of its top priorities they sure have a funny way of showing it,” he said.  “If anyone has the ability to reverse these cuts it is the Prime Minister of the country.”

Silver noted Tourism Minister Mike Nixon is also in Ottawa to meet with federal Environment Canada Minister Peter Kent.

“Again, it is disappointing that this is the first time our Minister of Tourism has actually had a face-to-face meeting with his federal Conservative colleague to discuss these cuts,” he said.  “The tourism season is almost upon us and up to this point the entire lobby campaign from the Government of Yukon consisted of two letters and a promise to “find solutions to achieve the Government of Canada’s goal of fiscal responsibility.””

Silver believes until a final decision is made on the Parks Canada budget it is premature to start looking at setting up alternative ways to deliver services, such a Friends of Klondike Corridor group.

“Some people are putting the cart before the horse.  Our Member of Parliament told Yukoners to give him until the end of February to see what he could come up with,” said Silver.  “Before we start putting our energies into alternatives we need to see if Mr. Leef is going to deliver on his commitment or not.”

Silver hopes a reprieve emerges from this week’s meetings.

“The Government of Yukon likes to talk up its special relationship with Ottawa and we’ll see if that pays off this week,” he concluded.


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