Whitehorse:  Today’s announcement of an extension to the staking ban in the Peel planning region undermines the public’s confidence in the government’s ability to bring this project to a conclusion, says Klondike MLA Sandy Silver.

“Today’s announcement drags this process out for at least another year and leaves everyone involved no closer to a final plan,” he said.  “The entire first year of the government’s mandate has been lost while the Yukon Party backroom tries to figure out a way to reject the plan.”

The announcement does reinforce the government’s refusal to accept the plan as drafted by the planning commission with Minister Dixon confirming the government has no interest in ‘an indefinite withdrawal’ of mineral staking in the area.  It also makes a mockery of their contention that as a government they are not allowed to comment on the plan.

“While the government has spent years saying it cannot comment on the plan this is the clearest indication yet that the government intends to reject the proposal as it is written,” Silver commented.  “We know what the government opposes it just won’t tell Yukoners what it supports.”

Silver called on Premier Pasloski to clearly state what position the government intends to present to First Nation governments and the public before the next phase of public consultation begins.

“Instead of nibbling around the edges the government owes it to the public to be open and honest about what it wants the plan to look like,” he said.  “Let the public in on the big secret and see what the response is instead of dragging its feet and continuing to criticize the work of the planning commission.”


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