Whitehorse:  Sandy Silver is the leader of the Yukon Liberal Party.

“I want to congratulate Sandy,” said Devin Bailey, Party president. “He has represented his constituents and the Liberal Party well since his election in October, 2011.  Now, as the Liberal leader, he’s going to expand his efforts, representing all Yukoners in the leadup to the next election. And, of course, beyond it.”

With Liberals throughout the territory united, Silver will enter the legislative session with a fresh mandate.

“Sandy Silver is focused. The party is focused. And the issues facing the territory are real and many,” said Bailey. “The present government is pandering to its narrow base and has forgotten its obligation to represent the interest of all Yukoners.

“Aboriginal leaders, miners, conservationists, teachers, students, doctors, francophones, contractors and many others have been betrayed by the divisive, wasteful and litigious Pasloski crew.

“Liberals, united behind Sandy Silver, will provide a solid, broad-based alternative for all Yukon citizens.”

The Klondike MLA will formally accept the leadership with a stump speech at the Gold Rush Inn on March 1.  The event starts at 7 p.m. and will be open to the public.  Additional information will be provided on the Party’s website at

Silver said he is honoured to be Liberal leader, but noted his authority comes from the people who placed their trust in him, not from the title.

He plans to continue engaging Yukoners, listening to their priorities and acting on their behalf.

“I have my thoughts on where to take the territory, as do my Liberal colleagues,” said Silver. “But politics is about leading people where they want to go, it isn’t about telling people where to go - we’ve seen too much of that lately.

“I want to serve all Yukoners, not just a narrow segment that bought admission. This ‘government of the few serving the needs of the fewest’ must end. And we’re the only party that can actually do it.”

“So listening to Yukoners will be my focus for the next year. It will guide my new team going into the next election, and will help us set priorities once we form government - a government Yukon people can be proud of, because they will be involved in it,” said Silver.

Silver received the highest numbers of votes of any candidate in the 2011 general election.



Contact: Devin Bailey 334-1795 or [email protected]