Whitehorse:  Yukon Liberal Party Leader Sandy Silver wants the Yukon Party to commit to reopening Raven Recycling.  Silver tabled a motion in the legislature Tuesday urging the House to provide adequate short-term funding that would allow Raven Recycling to resume collection of non-refundable recyclables. The recycling depot stopped collecting those materials on October 15th.

“For 20 years, Raven Recycling has provided a service important to Yukoners and essential for the environment,” said Silver. “Without short-term funding, they can’t fund the work we need them to do to keep our recyclables out of the landfills.”

Raven Recycling’s financial problems highlight yet another Yukon Party failure, added Silver.

“One of the platform commitments in the Yukon Party’s platform was to ‘enhance our efforts for recycling, waste reduction, and diversion. A second commitment was to develop a goal of zero waste with a target of 50% waste diversion by 2015,” said Silver. “How does starving the largest recycling entity in the territory of funding help the Premier meet his platform commitment of enhancing recycling?”

“Through this motion, we are trying to restore an important community service and we’re showing a willingness to work with the government on one of their forgotten election promises.”


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