Whitehorse:  Interim Liberal Leader Sandy Silver welcomed today’s announcement that the Yukon Legislative Assembly will reconvene on October 25. 

“As we mark the one year anniversary of the last election there is no shortage of issues to discuss during the upcoming sitting,” Silver said.  “Land development, housing, the mining industry, and education are top of mind when we return to the legislature.”    

After a summer of meeting with Yukoners in Dawson and across the territory Silver wishes there was more than 28 days set aside for debate.

“There are a number of Klondike-specific topics I’ll be raising and an even longer list of territory-wide concerns that people have passed on to me,” he said.  “I’m looking for co-operation from the government to address these matters.”

Silver is pleased the government plans to debate the closure of Dredge #4 in Dawson City.

“This is the first real response we’ve heard from the government on this issue and that in itself is positive,” he said.  “Unfortunately they have taken no action to date while their federal colleagues cut jobs and funding in the Yukon.”

Silver said he would be happier if the government had actually raised the issue with the Prime Minister when he was here this summer.

“We passed government motions this spring that have not resulted in any action being taken,” he said.  “The Premier and the Minister of Tourism had the ear of the PM and failed to even raise the issue with him.”

The Klondike MLA is also calling on the government to release the bills that they plan to call for debate, before the legislature sits.

“It would certainly lead to more informed, and probably more expeditious, debate if the government shared the bills with the opposition more than 24 hours before they are up for discussion,” he said.  “This is an ongoing request that would improve the level of dialogue in the legislature.” 


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