Statement by Klondike MLA Sandy Silver on changes to recycling fees announced on May 12, 2016

“Given the considerable concerns raised by the business community and the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce, I am urging the Government of Yukon to delay the implementation of changes to both the Beverage Container Regulation, as well as the Designated Material Regulation.  While we support the goal of the regulations and the concept of extended producer responsibility we want to see a more equitable system, one that is in line with other jurisdictions.  

The Chamber has made several reasonable recommendations about how to proceed with the proposed changes and I would urge the Yukon Party government to address them.

It is obvious more consultation needs to take place before changes are made, in order to assess the impact on local businesses.  The Yukon Party’s planned $200 tax increase on a set of 4 tires for example, will be significant.”


For more information call:

Jason Cunning, 667-8942