Statement by Klondike MLA Sandy Silver on revelation Government of Yukon hiding Peel numbers

Whitehorse, Yukon

Sandy Silver today issued the following statement on revelation Government of Yukon hiding Peel numbers:

“In fact, the numbers do matter, Mr. Dixon. When you ask a citizen to stop what they are doing to go to a town hall, you better be ready to listen to and consider their views.

“The numbers matter and so does every single Yukoner who spoke up. When 9000 people tell you that you are off course, and you go beyond ignoring them by making efforts to hide their views, you’ve really lost all credibility. You are either asleep at the wheel, or you are on a total power trip where you begin to think you know better than the average citizen. This is a dangerous type of governance and it is no wonder we become cynical of politicians.”

“It is not just the error of ignoring Yukoners, it is the cover up. The fact that the report was manipulated and that a journalist had to use government accountability legislation to access this information is concerning to me. This isn’t open and accountable government, it is a cover up. Frankly, Yukoners deserve better.”


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