Statement by Klondike MLA Sandy Silver on S-6 lawsuit

WHITEHORSE – Sandy Silver issued the following statement on the lawsuit launched today over Bill S-6:

“It is disappointing but predictable that Yukon First Nation governments have once again been forced to resort to court action to have their final agreements respected and upheld.  Both the federal and local Conservative governments have left no option for Yukon First Nations but litigation.

Despite repeated warnings from myself, the mining industry and others the Yukon Party backed their federal colleagues 100% in barging ahead with these changes to S-6.  They have no one but themselves to blame for the negative impact this court case will have on an already reeling hard rock mining industry and on intergovernmental relations in the territory.  Despite claims that S-6 would bring more certainly it has instead had the opposite effect because of the ‘my way or the highway’ approach of the Conservatives.   

It is very telling that the Yukon Party backed the Harper/Leef government in this dispute instead of siding with Yukon First Nation governments. It demonstrates the Yukon Party places more value on its relationship with Ottawa than it does on working co-operatively with Yukoners.

The Yukon Liberal Party has been clear that S-6 should have been placed on hold until an agreement was reached with Yukon First Nation governments. 

I believe that working together with First Nation governments responsible resource development can be achieved. That is the message I have heard directly from many Chiefs themselves.”  


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