Statement by Klondike MLA Sandy Silver on the cabinet shuffle

Sandy Silver today issued the following statement on the Government of Yukon cabinet shuffle:


“This is a major reset for a Premier clearly unhappy with the direction the government was heading. The scale of the changes is disconcerting and will lead to a great deal of on the job training and at the same time provides little continuity.

Whether simply moving everyone into new chairs improves the performance of the government remains to be seen.  It is at least an admission that big changes needed to be made and for that the Premier deserves credit.   It might be the largest shuffle in Yukon history and it is also now the largest cabinet Yukon has ever seen as the ‘private sector’ Premier continues to grow public government at all levels.   

A driving force for the changes was the poor performance of Minister Cathers who has now been moved twice in only 18 months.  It is disappointing to see him once again in charge of the energy file given his leading role in the planned privatization of Yukon Energy.”



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