Statement by Klondike MLA Sandy Silver on the released draft hydraulic fracturing documents

Sandy Silver today issued the following statement on the draft hydraulic fracturing documents:

“The content that was found in the draft documents confirms the Yukon Party is planning to completely disregard the work done by the select committee over the last year and a half. Committee members heard overwhelmingly from Yukoners that the social licence for hydraulic fracturing is not there. The government is taking great creative licence with its reading of the report suggesting the committee is implying support because the recommendations do not ban fracking.

Reiterating what I had said when the committee’s recommendations were released, at this time there are too many unknowns to support hydraulic fracturing in the Yukon. The Department of Energy, Mines and Resources’ press release states the EMR Minister had not read the leaked documents; so now the question is, does he support them?

The Yukon Party government is making it clear that they intend to go forward with hydraulic fracturing despite what Yukoner’s told the select committee. I am disappointed by this decision, but not surprised. As with the Peel, the Yukon Party went through the motions and are now planning to do what they wanted to do from the beginning.”


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