Statement by Klondike MLA Sandy Silver on the resignation of the Yukon Medical Council

Sandy Silver today issued the following statement on the resignation of the Yukon Medical Council:

“This news is obviously very disappointing. The Council was clearly frustrated with the command and control approach of the government and resigned in protest. Unfortunately this fits a pattern of behaviour from the Yukon Party.”

“Last month the Minister of Health wrote an open letter criticising the council’s approach to the issue of international medical graduates in Yukon.  This type of public dressing-down does nothing to improve the relationship between the medical community and the government.  Instead of lobbing public shots across the bow of the Council the Minister should be focused on doctor recruitment and retention.”

“There are obvious funding problems at the Yukon Medical Council that have not been properly addressed and the government needs to get on with finding a solution.  When the head of the Yukon Medical Association says the government is threatening the body that regulates physicians in the territory there is a big problem that needs to be resolved.”


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