Statement by Liberal Leader Sandy Silver on the Cathers/Pasloski government's decision to appeal the Peel decision.

"Today's decision by the government will only deepen the economic uncertainly that is enveloping Yukon's economy. The Yukon Party government's continued adversarial approach is having a dramatic, negative impact on our future and is causing already frayed relations with Yukon First... Nation governments to deteriorate further.

It's interesting to see the Cathers/Pasloski government portray the appeal as taking a stand for the democratic rights of Yukoners who elected a majority government to office in 2011. The Yukon Party did not campaign on one side or the other in terms of the Peel. How can they now claim, after the fact, that it was the people's choice to reject the commission's plan? Quite the contrary, the Yukon Party maintained during the 2011 campaign that it would be premature to take a position on the plan as it was still in the consultation phase of the process. This undercuts their entire rationale for an appeal - it holds no water. The real story is the Yukon Party's inability to admit it is wrong.

Following the democratic process would mean using the correct process outlined in the UFA.

Our economy is heading in the wrong direction and this decision will only increase the amount of uncertainty on the eve of the biggest mining showcase of the year."

Sandy Silver, Leader, Yukon Liberal Party