Statement from Sandy Silver on the 2015 Budget Address

Sandy Silver issued the following statement in response to the Premier’s 2015 Budget Address:

“The main goal of this budget is to try to buy Yukoners’ hearts and minds with their own money.

A look at the long term plan shows a huge spike in capital spending that drops off dramatically after the next election.  What the territory needs is a consistent project building schedule that ensures local contractors receive the lion’s share of the work, and keeps dollars in Yukon. Mining is boom and bust, government spending shouldn't be.

Given this governments’ poor record when it comes to managing capital projects I am alarmed to see $26 million set aside to begin construction of the 300-bed Whistle Bend warehouse for our seniors.  There is no final plan in place for what this building might cost or look like but it is full steam ahead given the timing of the next election. This approach has resulted in major cost overruns on projects like the rural hospitals and FH Collins and it is being repeated once again.

In my home community I was disappointed to see that the entire term of this government will pass without the Yukon Party’s 2011 campaign promise to build a new recreation centre being fulfilled.  It is a reminder to Yukoners that this government cannot be trusted.

The Premier continues to talk about Yukon becoming a net contributor to Canada, the reality is that Yukon relies on Ottawa for 87% of our budget. We are no further ahead in terms of standing on our own two feet today than a decade ago when the Yukon Party came to office.

The Premier also tries to defend his actions on S-6 in his budget response, but it falls flat when you look at how many times this government has gone to the courts with First Nations.

The final section of the budget speech outlines yet another attempt by this government to redesign our education system.    It is the third try in a decade by my count and follows the New Horizons project that was just implemented in 2014. Yukoners, I’m sure will follow with interest and plenty of skepticism yet another new master plan for education.

I am pleased to see the new Housing Minister finally allocate the last of the Northern Housing Trust money.  It has been sitting in the bank since 2006.”


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