Whitehorse:  It’s time for Premier Pasloski to finalize the transfer of the Top of the World Golf Course to the City of Dawson and to end the battle he started with community members, says Klondike MLA Sandy Silver.

"I was assured in the spring, by both the Premier and the Minister of Community Services, that this issue had been put to bed and the golf course would be turned over to the town,” Silver noted.  “Six months later the government has still not lived up to its commitment to transfer the golf course and instead has picked a fight with the family of the previous owner.”

The agreement has been held up by the government’s insistence that no one associated with the previous     owner be allowed to operate or manage, or participate in the operation or management of the course.  It has also made national news headlines.

“What could have been a good news story for the government has now become a national embarrassment,” Silver said.  “Instead of trying to settle old political scores the Premier and Deputy Premier should be moving forward with the transfer as they promised they would.  Trying to single out people for punishment because of their last name serves no public good whatsoever.”  

As the MLA for Dawson, Silver spent many hours facilitating an agreement between the government and the debtors.  He is very disappointed to see that goodwill thrown out the window by the government.

“In my opinion, the Hakonsons were going above and beyond for the betterment of the community, and then they get stuck with this clause.  Instead of continuing this petty attack, I’m urging the Premier to live up to his promises made earlier this year and get an agreement done,” he added.


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