Whitehorse:  The Yukon Liberal Party will hold a Leadership Convention on March 1, 2014, says Party President Devin Bailey.

“On December 4 party members voted overwhelmingly in favour of holding a leadership vote,” said Bailey. “Since then, the executive has been working to set up the rules for the convention. On March 1, members will set the direction of the Yukon Liberal Party as they decide who will lead the party into the next election.”

Once the leader is in place, candidates will be recruited and a platform drafted that will say how the party plans to work with Yukoners to build stronger, more economically diverse communities and restore responsible financial management in the territory.

“The new leader will have plenty of time to assemble a team of candidates and to lay out the party’s agenda for the next election, whenever it is called,” said Bailey. “Given the recent historical dates of the spring sitting, I expect a permanent leader will be in place before the Legislature begins in mid-March.”

Party members were informed of the March 1st date on Friday afternoon via email. To be eligible to run, candidates must submit their nomination form by Saturday, February 8th at 11am.  In order to vote at the convention, new members must sign up by Saturday, February 22nd

Time and location for the convention will be announced at a later date. Additional information will be provided on the Party’s website at www.ylp.ca.

Klondike MLA Sandy Silver has declared his intention to seek the leadership of the party.


Contact: Devin Bailey 334-1795 or [email protected]