Yukon Liberals outline support for cornerstones of Yukon’s economy- mining and tourism

WHITEHORSE – Liberal leader Sandy Silver and Mathieya Alatini, the Yukon Liberals candidate for Kluane, announced the party’s commitment to the mining and tourism industries today.  Alatini is the former Chief of the Kluane First Nation and also a former Yukon Women in Mining Champion.

“Mathieya has long been a strong advocate of business and industry that works in partnership with First Nations. She is an empowering role model for women who are seeking careers in their own back yard,” said Silver. “She is the ideal candidate to outline our support for these two industries that are cornerstones of our economy.” 

With a platform that stresses economic diversification a Liberal government will also focus on broadening existing industries to create a wider, more stable base for short and long-term economic success.

“As the MLA for Klondike it is no surprise our party is a strong supporter of both the hard rock and placer industries,” said Silver. “Unfortunately we have dropped steadily in the Fraser Institute rankings as a good place to do business in recent years. The Yukon Party’s botched amendments to S-6 have created regulatory uncertainty  and its legal battles with First Nation governments have resulted in huge tracts of land being off limits to mining.”

Silver says only the Yukon Liberals have a plan to work with First Nation governments to rejuvenate the mining sector.

“The NDP does not have the confidence of, or the connections with industry, especially the mining industry, to turn this around. We do,” he said. “The Yukon Party has demonstrated it is unable to work with First Nation governments to build a successful mining industry.”

Alatini said one of the issues raised by tourism operators in Kluane is visitor tracking, or a lack of it.

“We don’t know how many visitors we have each year – full stop. There was a new system used for one year and then scrapped,” she said. “We are back to counting vehicles as they cross the border, the same archaic system that has been in place for 30 years. We have to do better and we will.  Our plan is to convene an industry-led panel to introduce a modern way to measure and track tourism visitation year-round. By better tracking our visitation numbers and boosting our marketing budget we think tourism can be an even stronger contributor to our economy.”

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For more information please contact: 

Mathieya Alatini, Yukon Liberals Candidate, Kluane

Yukon Liberals HQ 668-4748


A Yukon Liberal government will ensure responsible resource development by:

  • Actively supporting mining and will work with Yukon’s mining industry to establish strong environmental stewardship and community development programs
  • Examining the current mining assessment process to find ways to harmonize the Yukon Water Board processes within the Yukon Environment and Socio-economic Assessment Act framework
  • Ensure that the Mine Licensing Improvement Initiative is implemented via a collaborative approach with First Nations
  • Implement a Yukon Mineral Development Strategy
  • Ensure mine reclamation plans are supported by sufficient security.

 A Yukon Liberal government will enhance the tourism industry by:

  • doubling the government’s direct consumer marketing efforts for a total investment of $1.2 million annually
  • making the temporary two-year tourism marketing funds permanent and increasing the annual core marketing fund from $5 million to $7 million
  • examining options to develop a more competitive winter tourism industry
  • considering investments in government infrastructure from which the tourism industry can build businesses
  • formulating an arts and culture policy in the Yukon that recognizes various arts and culture sectors as key pillars to developing the Yukon community
  • marketing and supporting the promotion of Yukon artists, arts, and culture
  • paving the Dawson City airport runway and making the necessary maintenance and infrastructure  upgrades for all rural airports to enhance economic opportunities and community security.