Yukon Liberals will maintain moratorium on Whitehorse Trough oil and gas development

WHITEHORSE – Copperbelt South candidate Jocelyn Curteanu, confirmed today the Yukon Liberals will extend the moratorium on any oil and gas development in the Whitehorse Trough indefinitely.

“Yukon Liberals understand there is little public support for opening the Whitehorse Trough to oil and gas exploration,” said Curteanu.  “We respect that and will continue the moratorium that is currently in place throughout our term as government.”

Curteanu said she was pleased to see the NDP leader state at the Chamber of Commerce debate last Thursday night, that her party would ‘not stand in the way of responsible fossil fuel development.’

The Liberal platform includes the following additional commitments

  • placing an immediate, long-term moratorium on fracking in Yukon, and
  • removing LNG from qualifying under the Independent Power Production program.

The Yukon Liberals position on fracking is simple – No Fracking. Period.

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For more information please contact: 

Jocelyn Curteanu Yukon Liberals candidate, Copperbelt South

Yukon Liberals HQ 668-4748