Whitehorse:  Klondike MLA Sandy Silver is disappointed the Yukon Party government is using its majority to ram through changes to the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  Yesterday afternoon the government moved ahead with 2nd reading of the changes.

“No notice was given by the government House Leader that we would be debating this legislation yesterday afternoon,” said Silver.  “It is fitting because we are discussing a bill that will restrict information from the public.”

The proposed changes will expand the types of government information that is kept secret. These include any briefings prepared for a government minister and any information that would reveal proposals or policy options developed by or for a public body or government minister.

“There has been no public consultation on this legislation and the Yukon’s own Information and Privacy Commissioner does not support these amendments and has said so publicly,” said Silver.  “The Minister has struggled to defend these amendments in Question Period over the last few weeks and with good reason.  They are indefensible.  The real reason for this legislation is this government has a lot of information it wants to keep from the public.”

During debate the Minister of Highways and Public Works noted that the government responds quickly to requests for information.

“After this bill is passed it will become even quicker because there will be nothing left to release,” noted Silver.  “The Liberal Caucus will not be supporting these amendments.  They are a step back in terms of access to information and fly in the face of Yukon Party commitments to providing open and accountable government.  I am urging the government to withdraw these changes.” 


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