Liberals outline legislative agenda


A re-elected Liberal government will have a full legislative agenda to address the ongoing priorities of Yukoners. Legislation introduced in the spring sitting, including a new modernized Workers’ Safety and Compensation Act that enhances worker safety and compensation systems in the territory, will be on the next legislative docket.  The Yukon Liberal platform lays out an ambitious legislation plan to keep Yukoners safe, address climate change and build our economy.

Specific changes include:

  • Revising the Health Professions Act to improve how we regulate healthcare service professionals and increase coverage to groups such as psychologists, optometrists, and allied health professionals. 

  • A modernized Motor Vehicles Act will improve safety for all road users of Yukon highways and address longstanding concerns and issues with the existing Act. 

  • An Amended Child and Family Services Act (CFSA) would reflect advice provided by the CFSA Steering Committee. 

  • An amended Vital Statistics Act to reflect modern Yukon families. 

  • Amending the Territorial Lands (Yukon) Act to create a comprehensive regulatory framework to manage resource road construction, use, maintenance, access, and closure. 

  • Creating a Yukon Species at Risk Act that will ensure the Yukon’s vulnerable species’ health and conservation and recognizes the unique circumstances in the Yukon. 

  • Amending the Assessment and Taxation Act and the Municipal Act to enable the Better Buildings Loan Program that creates a new program for homeowners to retrofit their homes. 

  • Introducing the Clean Energy Act to legislate the Yukon’s GHG emissions targets. 

  • Updating the Yukon’s Animal Protection Act to create a comprehensive framework to address animal welfare issues, requirements for owners to control their animals and tools to support enforcement. 

  • To better equip the Yukon’s response to future emergencies, we will review Yukon’s Civil Emergency Measures Act and Yukon’s Public Health and Safety Act

  • Introducing legislation to enable the development of geothermal projects.   

The Liberals have a strong track record of legislative accomplishments including:

  • Established National Indigenous People’s Day as a statutory holiday in the Yukon, our first legislative work as a new government. 

  • Changed the Yukon’s laws to make them gender-neutral by updating the Vital Statistics Act and the Human Rights Act

  • Made discrimination based on gender identity illegal in the Yukon through the creation of the new Gender Diversity and Related Amendments Act

  • Implemented a new Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP), which strengthens privacy protections for Yukoners and increases transparency. 

  • Created the Yukon’s first Lobbyist Registry, so Yukoners can see who meets with elected officials and when. 

“I am very proud of the progressive legislative agenda our government has put in place over the last four and half years.  Establishing National Indigenous People’s Day as a statutory holiday, our first legislative work as a new government, is certainly a highlight in an agenda that brought 43 pieces of legislation to the House, all written to benefit Yukoners."

- Tracy McPhee, Liberal candidate for Riverdale South

On April 12, let’s keep going.