Annual General Meeting – February 25, 2 pm to 5 pm

(Yukon Transportation Museum)


  1. Call to Order/Welcome called by Devin at 2:15 pm.
  2. Approval of Agenda – Additions/Deletions. 
  3. Reading and approval of 2016 AGM minutes. 
  4. Executive report as follows:
    1. Year in Review/Message from the President – Devin Bailey
      1.                                               i.     Verbal report on actions: election of the Leader, golf tournament and successful fundraising


  1. Financial report – Greg Finnegan. 


  1. Campaign Review - Laura Cabott .  Question period to follow.

6a.   Leadership Review Question – Devin


6b.  Election of the Executive – Nomination Chair Jason Cunning


Current Executive:  Devin Bailey – President, Marius Curteanu - Vice President, Greg Finnegan -Treasurer, Andrea Cook – Secretary.  Directors:  Marc Perrault, Brandon Kassbaum, Kirk Cameron, Past President Ranj Pillai, Former Leader Arthur Mitchell


Coffee break, tallying of ballots.


  1.  Message from the Leader - Premier Sandy Silver  (Introduction by Ranj P) with time for questions.
  2. Executive election voting results


  1. Call to Close - Informal discussion/mingling.  Adjourned



Thank you all for coming.   Happy Rendezvous!