Yukon Liberals have a climate change plan. Other parties do not.

WHITEHORSE - You demand action on climate change, so the Liberal Government has launched a $500 million plan to protect your children’s future - our future.

Other Yukon political parties have no such plan.

The conservative Yukon Party has clearly indicated it wants to abandon green energy projects in favour of a dirty mega-diesel plant.

The Yukon NDP want action, but has no plan of their own and no experience in government.

Yukoners deserve better.

Yukoners demanded better and the Yukon Liberal Government has listened.

It declared a Climate Emergency and is backing that declaration with real, measurable action.

Our Clean Future states how we will deliver on our climate commitments, today and tomorrow.

The progressive strategy represents two years of thoughtful research and consultation with Yukoners about the issue of climate change and what we can do to meet targets laid out at the Paris Climate Accord.

Our Clean Future stands in stark contrast to years of dithering and intentional delay by successive conservative Yukon Party governments.

On December 5, 2017, the Auditor General criticized the Yukon Party’s 2009 climate change plan.

“The Yukon government had not done enough to fight climate change,” wrote the Auditor General.

The Yukon Liberal Government acted quickly to address its predecessor’s failings – to deliver the action Yukoners demanded.

Our Clean Future is 61 pages long and lays out 131 specific actions to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 202 kilotonnes by 2030.

It lays out how we will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, ensure we have access to reliable, affordable energy, how we will adapt to the impact of climate change and build a green economy.

Through our work to meet these targets, we will slash our emissions and source renewable energy like solar, bio-mass and hydro. 

We will support 4,800 zero-emission vehicles on our roads.

We will help homeowners replace fuel fossil fuel heating systems with smart electric heating systems.

We will help develop and implement net-zero building codes.

We will deliver on these commitments and more. Our track record speaks for itself.

We promised not to support fracking in the Yukon. We made good on that promise. We enacted an immediate moratorium on fracking.

We promised to protect the Peel Watershed and implement the land-use plan. We made good on that promise. We accepted the final Peel Watershed land-use plan.

We promised to improve relations with Yukon First Nation Governments. We made good on that promise. We have held 15 Yukon Forums, developed a First Nation procurement policy and a representative public service plan.

Through this collaborative work, we have built good working relationships with First Nations, created healthier communities and expanded economic opportunities for all.

Bottom line, we do what we say we will do.

The Yukon Liberal Government has the experience and the will to take action to counter this global climate crisis that threatens everyone.

That’s our promise to you.

And we will make good on that promise too.