Goeppel will seek Yukon Liberal nomination


WHITEHORSE – Tamara Goeppel, known to many Yukoners because of her high profile athletic career and her strong presence in the Yukon business community, plans to run for the Yukon Liberal Party in the next territorial election. 

Being born and raised in Yukon, Goeppel sees her community as much larger than sports and business and has always worked to make our territory a better place to live.

“A community is only as strong as the relationships that build it," she said.  "Being involved in organizations such the Yukon Hospital Board, the Yukon Workers' Compensation Board and Crime Prevention Yukon has shown me that when people come together great things can be accomplished."

Goeppel says she is dismayed by what she sees happening to the relationship between different levels of government in the territory.

“I have witnessed a deterioration of the relationship between the Yukon Party government and Yukon First Nations governments," explained Goeppel. “This has happened because of the Yukon Party following its own agenda and forgetting that Yukon First Nation governments are rights holders, not just stakeholders. It has to change and we need to work together to build a strong social fabric.”

Rather than just complaining about poor decisions and a lack of vision in government, Goeppel has decided to get more actively involved.

“I have recognized that Liberal Party Leader Sandy Silver has a leadership style that is based on sincerity and trust and that resonates with me,” she said. 

Goeppel is also joining Team Silver in order to establish a more transparent government and build a healthier Yukon.

“I’m very pleased to welcome Tamara as a potential candidate in the upcoming election,” said Liberal Leader Sandy Silver.  “She is a well-known leader who is a great asset to our community.”  


For more information call: 

Tamara Goeppel - 335-0494

Sandy Silver- 336-4367