Housing in Ross River will be a priority for a Liberal Government

TESLIN – The housing situation in Ross River has reached emergency proportions per a letter from the Ross River Dena Council Chief Jack Caesar.  Carl Sidney, Yukon Liberals candidate in Pelly-Nisutlin, is deeply concerned about this situation.

“This situation didn’t happen overnight – housing in Ross River has been an issue for decades and has been allowed to deteriorate to this crisis point due to lacking of funding and an unwillingness by the Yukon government to make this a priority,” said Sidney. “People should not be living in sub-standard homes that are literally dangerous to their health.”

A Yukon Liberal government will make this a priority early in its mandate as government of Yukon.

“Temporary, emergency action is needed to get through this winter; however, this situation is critical – band aids will only work in the very short term.  We will work with the RRDC and its citizens to identify permanent solutions and associated funding so that major repairs and new construction can begin next spring,” said Sidney.

Yukon Liberals platform includes commitments regarding the affordability and availability of housing for all Yukoners.  Mountainview candidate, Jeanie Dendys and Liberal Leader Sandy Silver will be providing details at a press conference next week.


For more information please contact:

Carl Sidney, Yukon Liberals candidate, Pelly-Nisutlin

Yukon Liberals HQ 668-4748